Mason Font by Jonathan Barnbrook.

What is nice about this font is the variety in terms of glyphs it has a lot of various modifications that i should be able to explore for some of the letters. I really like this font as it is very gothic inspired similar to that of my hannibal font.

Feedback from my presentation.

I need to do a lot more work yet for my NMP, i was given some great feedback for my typeface and i am going to make the font look more balanced so the weights of some letters match. I noticed a lot of the crossbars are varied i need to stick with either thick or thin. Also some of the letters need to mix thick and thin better similar to that of my A.

I may attempt to create a lower case now but need to be quick about this and do this within the space of one week alongside my numbers and symbols. What i need to do is take this even further, create a presentation for the font, Website, Specimen posters, booklets etc. I can also expand this further and use it for other things and subjects.

Plan for this coming week -

  • Create a balanced Uppercase and fix the weights of most of my letters, Edit them so they fit and look natural.
  • Do the lower case and have this look nice and fit the uppercase in terms of styling, Create the symbols for the font also.
  • Sketch some ideas for the font’s website layout and possible presentation’s for some of the letters i like in the typeface.
  • Research quotes i can use for the typeface for the specimen sheets.
  • Research layouts in general and other type foundries and how they’ve presented their fonts.

busy week coming!!!!

Finalization of my G, This took some time and i was finally able to develop the G to fit Hannibals Characteristics but also keep ti reminiscent of other letters in the font. What was the most difficult challenge was the bottom serif trying to make it actually work i attempted a single serif on the point tip like i was told to do by lee but i felt it looked bare and plain in comparison I’m glad i was able to get a equal shaped serif on the bottom G serif.

Professional Contexts 3 Year Summary

Here is a list summarising most of my time spent in year three and some other little bits such as my social media footprint and where i display myself.

Social Media Footprints:

  • Pintrest -
  • Behance -
  • Linkedin -
  • Redbubble -
  • Twitter -
  • Designspiration -

Things i have achieved and done this year:

  • Created my own website:
  • Designed my current blog
  • Completed My Dissertation
  • Written Reviews On my blog and one was featured online via the Salfordian -
  • Was Featured on FromUpNorth for my Hannibal Vector Poster -
  • Website Training for PC3
  • Attended Liam from Condenaste talk
  • Attended Design By Dave Talk
  • Attended GFSMITH TALK
  • Attended Hannah’s BookBinding Lessons.
  • Attended Ipad Training
  • Illustrator Workshop
  • Pitched to Unsung Hero
  • Attending and entering The Roses Awards
  • Attended Costa Del Salford Show meetings (some)

Things Im Planning to do -

  • Redesign My Business Card and print to help apply for job applications/internships
  • Update my website with my completed NMP (replacing Lego brief)
  • Attend/Exhibit work at Costa Del Salford Shows
  • Attend/exhibit work at Media City Shows

Experimenting with my G looks interesting and sinister in terms of its negative white space. I feel the top bit needs work trying to add a point of a serif on this bit is proving difficult but i feel the bottom serif is working very well and fits the G shape perfectly. Will get some criticism on this letter also in the morning for last developments.

Progression of my R in my font, realised halfway through i had the wrong shape from the old P and that’s why i was struggling with this for half a day. When i used the correct shape it fell into place going for a interesting curve flick on the R. I may add a point to this depending on criticism at tomorrow’s seminar. Very happy with the letter for now though.

Attempting to create the C was a challenge so using the O as the template i cut it down to get an even shape thus the first two results this looked to skinny compared to the rest of the letter so merging them i was able to thicken the size equally giving it a better shape and it fits better among the rest of my typeface. Only difficulty is making the bottom serif look less boring and more interesting which I’m struggling to do the top looks perfect and the bottom i could leave serif less but i don’t like that as although it looks like Hannibal just stole a piece of the letter (like he does to his victims) it’s to drastic a change. Finally i thought of a dagger like handle shape on the serif at the bottom keeping the top the same as it looked nice. this gave the letter the look i wanted while giving it a nice balance (the bottom is a bit shorter in terms of thickness).

I was finally able to get a nice shape for the K having a nice distance and the serifs fitting with each other. the left side is longer but the right is short and this is reversed inside out on the right side of the K. giving it a sense of a mirror image but also a sinister look as the serif is off putting.

Lots of K experimentation (unfortunately can’t afford to go to costa del salford show tonight due to lack of finances) so blogging all i can on my typeface.

Anyway I struggled to find a nice balance for the K i wanted it to look unique and have a nice size. I wanted to give it breathing room between the serifs but look balanced. I attempted a variety of K variations including a line between the middle to give it a unique bold look, this wouldn’t work no matter the thickness of the line or the size and it made it off putting so i continued to experiment with the shape of the original concept. here are some experimentations of this (will post final next)

Various experiments on editing the Z shape, I wanted it to have a nice shape that used the points on the F & E but also have a nice balance. I experimented with pointed ends on the diagonal line instead of square blocks and the shape looks more unique i then wanted it equal in size but this made the letter look unusual and different and same again off balance but it has a nice evil side to the letter similar to hannibal so it fits perfect with what I’m looking for.