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Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Graeme Borland is a 23 year old concept artist from Canada. Throughout his artistic journey, he’s explored a number of different formats. From comics and doodles in his middle school days, to 3D art in his teens, and to the now 2 year old daily sketch project that is his Tumblr blog. When asked what inspired him to start making art, Graeme said:

“I’ve been a game developer since I got my first computer, and the idea of creating worlds and environments has always been interesting to me. Eventually I sort of just figured out that digital painting is one of the fastest ways to get an idea out of my head and into a useful form. I can have an idea, work for 30 minutes and see that idea on the screen. That kind of turnaround time is extremely fast compared to building environments in 3D or levels in a game, and having a quick outlet for ideas is important to me, so it was a natural fit.”

Some of Graeme’s favorite artists include Daniel Dociu, Kekai Kotaki, Feng Zhu, Tom Scholes, Noah Bradley, Jaime Jones, and many others.

Reminder to reattempt digital painting this month.


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love how subtle the type looks on the white and then in contrast it has depth when overlapping  the imagery

Evaluation - Lecter Typeface.

For my NMP i designed a typeface based on Hannibal Lecter, Focusing on the latest version of the character in the television series. I originally wanted to create a editorial magazine featuring Hannibal as the subject but instead created a typeface that can be used in editorial design. Throughout my long journey i sketched various letters trying to fit Hannibal’s character personality into the font. I decided to attempt a few words that could go into the typeface these were Two-Faced/Sided, Sinister, Evil, Classy/Sophisticated and Monstrous. 

To help my initial development for my typeface i wanted to look into a variety of editorial design & typefaces and notice characteristics from font and layout. A lot of fonts had specific letters that stood out from the rest. One profound letter that appeared to be popular was Q, having a long tail that went below the baseline. I also liked how a lot of the fonts used in magazine design were serif based. Thanks to this research i was able to experiment with my typeface and attempt interesting shapes on my letters. It also helped me decided that i wanted “Lecter” î to be a header font. 

After spending many weeks tweaking the font with varied thickness’s, interesting shapes and unusual sizes i presented a A-Z (minus the S) and got some great feedback it allowed me to edit the font further (and although i didn’t get very far as it took me just as long to make last minute tweaks to the A-Z and the S took me 3 days itself to complete as the curving was very tricky.

When designing with the font i realized i needed to make it a true font file so i edited the font in glyphs so i could type it up. This helped a lot and allowed me to create  specimen posters/layouts to use for my final visuals.

overall my only regret for this NMP is that i wish i had more work and more letters in the typeface. This would be the lowercase and punctuation.

*important* most of my inspiration research is on my pintrest and can be found here - http://gb.pinterest.com/mikedudds/  ”

Simple One Page Website design for my font foundry.

Third DPS for booklet page. for this i wanted to show how the type looked on photography but more minimal the main focus on this DPS in the hierarchy was the title of the article AMUSE - BOUCHE. It instantly attracts the eye.

Front cover for the specimen booklet.

This didn’t take much experimenting it came into play quite easily.

What works so well about the quote i used is the fact the black or white is the colour of the photograph i used. The setting i put the red type was hard light os it blended in and looked more sinister fitting the style of the typeface and character. What i like most about this cover is how strong it looks. I wanted a natural image to be used where he is cooking as it shows that he isn’t insane at first glance although he is really cooking human remains it adds that mystery sense to the booklet cover.

Specimen poster #3 This is something Hannibal says about Will when his mind is losing control. It’s kind of fitting as Will’s sense of identity becomes twisted. The colour palette looks amazing on this one. 

I think this could be the strongest poster out of the Three i created for hand in. Reason being is the W is the strongest letter in the typeface like i had planned from the beginning and so the shape is attracting in the hierarchy.

I designed my main specimen poster showing the A-Z of my typeface, very dark texture used to help with the mystery surrounding hannibal The Metropolis font inspired the layout for this using a dark texture helps bring more focus onto the type while its white. I really like the way this looks as the subtle use of red in the word hannibal brings it away a bit bringing more focus onto the LECTER which is the typeface name. The grunge texture is subtle and doesn’t detract to much from the type while it still fits the tone of the poster.

I wanted to make a cover for my specimen booklet but it somehow turned into being a specimen poster, i can’t complain as i need to make those as well.

Anyway i wanted to use a powerful strong image from the series along with a quote to match it. This is from the first episode and is a copycat killing by hannibal to mask his trail. What i liked about this was i edited the photography from the series a lot, tweaked with contrast and depth to make it seem like a silhouette i also strethed the sky by adding in filters and then after finding it a bit dull made it fade to white to the top giving it a nice clean effect for the type to be overlayed on top of. i wanted to spread the type evenly to give it the sensation of the speaker pausing between each sentence. using my colour palette of red white and black i was able to break up the quote into sections. I have took out the underline from the final version as its a bit distracting although it looks cool. I can create my other specimen posters in a similiar fashion but i need to be a bit more brave with these and make the type speak louder.